So you’ve had the spicy cough and are struggling to find that motivation or mojo to get back out there? Couple this to the near two years of disruptions that we’ve finally been given some freedoms from and the want to ride has faded. With that now evident sinking feeling of winter rapidly caving in around us, you’re questioning, will I ever get it back?

Firstly, you’re not alone in this. I’m not sure whether it’s genuinely post lurgie symptoms, a pending onslaught of wet riding, a constant bombardment from health professionals and organisations to “not rush back to exercise” or just the fact we’re all feeling a little deflated like the post event blues.

I’ll make it clear too, this virus is exactly that, an infectious disease/virus. It’s not a common cold but it is something we should all genuinely take seriously regardless of how lite a dose we may have had. I for one am firmly in the “got smashed” camp so I’m trying to focus my ramble about this side of the equation. I am not going to touch on that awkward conversation some people have about the vaaxxx (cringe emoji here) and whether or not you believe its evilness or governmental stature. Rock on....

From most recommendations, they say to give it 10-14 days before ramping up to anything more strenuous and that is primarily to protect your heart. For some, I’ve heard of stories of those dates coming and going and even though they’re feeling good in themselves, their motivation to return to riding is at an all time low. How has the want to shred, huck, send, socialise and ride evaporated? we could speculate on hundreds of reasons but if we did that, we would literally go no where!

So, reason 1 and the only reason we need to get back out there is just because!! But how? Try these.

Method 1 - The tried and trusted. Buy a new bike! Well, maybe not a new bike right now given we’re in a pretty tricky worldwide scenario of both money and stocks being short. But look into it. (side note, we're extremely stoked to pickup our new Occam from Orbea NZ)

Method 2 - Pimp your ride. Cliche' aside, get some new forks, get some new grips, dropper, buy those new tyres you’ve wanted! while you’re at it, shout yourself that latest Mons Royale riding top for winter.

Method 3 - Enter an event! Go on, set yourself a challenge that breaks the norm. Into enduro? Sweet, enter the giant 2w’s remaining rounds, multiple club rounds or the exciting south island rounds later in the year. Into XC riding? Where do we start?! Bridge to bridge in June, Whaka 100, Craters classic, huka challenge and on and on and on… Sometimes the placebo of paying for something months in advance, is one dead set shot of motivation to condition yourself well before you head along and make a fool of yourself from lack of fitness.

Method 4 - Plan a trip! Rustle up a bunch of mates and go somewhere exciting. Make a weekend or even just a day out of it. One thing is for sure, that the moment the smack talk starts flowing, you’ll be right back to those feels quickly enough. For me being stuck in a wet and soggy clay clad northland, it can be as simple as shooting down to Rotorua for the weekend.

Method 5 - All of the above.

The biggest thing for me, has been going for a weekend away with the lads. It’s a sure way to rekindle that passion for the sport and it always leaves some great memories for inspo. A close second has been entering an event. But that’s just me. I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with events. But have you ever tried? Is this the year you push those comfort levels and actually try one?